GCEEI Start-Ups Business School (GSBS)

The GCEEI Start-ups Business School provides a thorough and intensive 6-week training program to develop strong and effective business leaders in the country. The program is specially designed to provide entrepreneurs, employees and businesses with the knowledge and tools that focus on the overall aspect of entrepreneurship and business success in a systematic manner.

Our target is to empower budding entrepreneurs with the right skills and knowledge to nurture their ideas into accomplished businesses.

To equip entrepreneurs with the expertise to grow their established ventures into world class businesses.

To develop entrepreneurial thinking in the work place among employees to achieve growth.


Our vision at GCEEI Start-Ups Business School is to empower businesses and entrepreneurs to become world class leaders in business


Our Mission is to create a unique environment to develop the potential in every business and entrepreneur to meet global development needs through relevant and engaging learning, effective communication and custom-made solutions.

Course Modules

Module I- Business Formation

  • The program is suited for those starting or interested in starting their own businesses, or those interested in joining a startup; typically, businesses less than 1 year old.
  • Those working with startups or startup related projects and activities, as well as for those looking to invest into startups.

Module II – Business Validation

  • Specifically suited for those entrepreneurs entering or currently at validation stages, who seek to grow and elevate their businesses into top-notch organizations, typically business between 1 and 2 years old.
  • Suitable also for bigger companies/investors looking to connect with startups at validation phase.

Module III – Business Scaling

  • Suitable for established businesses entering or currently at scaling stages, typically businesses over 3years old.
  • Bigger companies working with startups or startup related projects and activities, and those interested in investing into startups

Who Should Apply

Module I –  Aspiring entrepreneurs and businesses less than 1-year-old

Module II – Start-ups and young businesses between 2-3 years old

Module III – Businesses above 3 years old

Admission Checklist

  • Registration Forms
  • Personal Details
  • Professional Profile
  • Business Profile
  • Registration Deadlines